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  This site is meant to serve as an online
  art exhibition and electronic tribute to the
 work of Grey Villet, --a master of capturing
  gesture, words,thoughts
 and emotions in the moment. 

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Grey Villet's work both on-staff at LIFE magazine, and as a freelance photographer, spanned many decades and many subjects.  In some ways the images presented here are a representation of the times he participated in.  In other ways these images are timeless in that they capture the human condition.

The photos featured on this site are just small sample of his archive, which has been assembled by his wife Barbara Villet, an author and journalist and his partner on many of the essays he shot.  The work done on the collection has been under the auspices of an effort to perserve his photographic legacy both as art and historic document, and to publish a definitive retrospective of the work in print form.  The hope is that interest in this site and the photos featured herein will help to motivate the book’s publication.  Anyone interested in aiding in its publication can contact us at book@greyvillet.com.

This site is owned and edited by and for the estate of Grey Villet. No other persons have interest or copyright to the site or its contents other than those images owned by Time Inc. as noted on the copyright page.  The estate of Grey Villet is solely responsible for site contents.

Most of the site text was written by Barbara Villet.

The site design and implementation was done by Ann Villet.  Comments or suggestions can be directed to her as webmaster@greyvillet.com .

MANY THANKS to Stephen Crowley of the New York Times for all his support and hard work in helping to spark further interest in Grey Ville's work.

Photo caption: Dirk with ostrich herd, South Africa 1977

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